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Bank Accounts

Almost each company needs bank account under the conditions of business nowadays.

Our specialist will help you to choose the bank which will satisfy your business needs to the fullest and will help you to collect and prepare all the documents needed.
UAE can be proud of its progressive banking system which consist of national and international banks. UAE banks are among the safest banks in the world because of the policy of the National Bank. UAE banks offer wide range of services and high level of customer service. We work with such banks as:
Also we can offer services of European banks where the account may be open in absence after the meeting with our representative.
Norvik Banka (Latvia)
ABLV (ex-Aizkraukles Banka; Latvia)
Valartis Bank (ex-HYPO Investment Limited; Liechtenstein)
Nordea Bank (Nordic and Baltic Sea Region)
Hellenic Bank (Cyprus)
Alpha Bank (Cyprus)
Walton Consultants JLT Google